Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Whitchurch 92/93 - Live Archives Vol.2

Many, many moons ago, way back in the early 1990’s, a couple of brothers and very enthusiastic live music fans, Dave and Pete Martin, decided to organise occasional rock shows at the village hall of a small, quiet but idyllic Hampshire village called Whitchurch. They very kindly asked if Galahad would play a few of these gigs after having seen us, I believe, at the London Astoria playing with Pendragon amongst others in 1991. As a result Galahad played several gigs at this bijou, on the face of it unremarkable venue. But these gigs were special, very special, small yes, but with the audience packed in like sardines, the beer flowing freely, hot sweat running down the walls, the atmosphere was electric, strangely reminiscent of some heady times at the Marquee Club in London, which was odd considering we were playing in the most unlikely of venues tucked away deep in the Hampshire countryside. These were some of the most memorable and fun shows the band ever played and we think the members of the incredibly receptive audience would agree, if of course they can remember! Those gigs will always linger long in the memory, Pete and Dave went on to better things in bigger venues, but these gigs were where it all started and will always have a special place within the heart and the history of the band. Fast forward to 2011…and the good news is that these shows were recorded both in audio and video format, plus our dear friends at OSKAR Productions in Poland asked if they could release these now ‘historical’ musical documents, to which we replied ‘of course’ you can. Thus ‘Whitchurch - 92/93 - Live Archives vol. 2’ will be released as a digipak double album featuring an audio CD of the show played by the band on 18 July 1992 and a DVD of the show the band played on the 16 July 1993, which is made all the more poignant as both concerts feature Neil on bass guitar, who was in fine form, as were the rest of us at the time!   More news on release dates, availability etc to follow in due course.

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