Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The recording of Battle Scars - an update

Well, 'Battle Scars' is now 99.9% mixed subject to a few minor adjustments here and there and will be mastered in the next couple of weeks or so. It is all sounding very big, fat, heavy, dark, light, uplifting, rocking, dancing, progging, trancing, epic etc, etc... Karl Groom has really excelled himself with this recording totally capturing our vision for this album. In fact we all feel that is easily the best studio album we have ever recorded ( yes, I know we would say  that but we really, really do!) in terms of songwriting, performances, mixing, arrangements and pure sonic quality! Neil is an integral part of this recording and we are sure he would be very proud of what we have achieved with 'Battle Scars'. He's probably looking down on us right now telling us to get on with it! The final track running order is: 1. Battle Scars 2. Reach for the Sun 3. Singularity 4. Bitter and Twisted 5. Suspended Animation 6. Beyond the Barbed Wire 7. Seize the Day Bonus: Sleepers 2012 In fact you can all judge for yourselves once it has been released to the waiting world (!) hopefully around Mid April....2012!! We hope you like it, we certainly do...

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