Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Neil Pepper

Neil Pepper, affectionately known as ‘Big One’ to the band, has finally lost his battle against cancer.
Throughout the whole of the last eighteen months or so and despite all the problems he suffered he always remained incredibly positive, showed immense dignity and never gave in to this most unforgiving of conditions. He even bought new recording equipment and a new bass guitar as well as writing many new songs, several of which will appear on the next Galahad album ‘Battle Scars’.
Ironically, in the last couple of years Neil had brought a renewed vibrancy and spirit to the band, making it a very productive and positive time in the bands career from a writing and recording perspective. In fact, despite being in a great deal of discomfort he still managed to record all his bass tracks on both the forthcoming new Galahad albums.
Neil was and still is an integral part of the ‘Galahad’ family having been involved for many years, we shared so many good times in the studio and on the road which will never be forgotten.
We are all devastated and Galahad will never be the same without him and he can never be replaced. Therefore for the foreseeable future Galahad will continue ‘officially’ as a four piece.
We will always think of him when writing, rehearsing or performing and we will miss him so, so much.
He passed away on Friday 2 September 2011 aged just 44, exactly one year after having performed his final show with the band at Loreley in Germany, which fittingly was one of the most memorable gigs we have ever played.
He leaves behind his lovely wife Jojo and three young children Finnian, Poppy and Rosie.

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