Monday, 1 November 2010

A quick recording update.....

All the heavy guitars have now been tracked by Roy. The way the new album is sounding, it will have a much heavier edge than Empires Never Last. Throw in some spectacular performances by Spencer on the drums, some very solid bass by Neil, plenty of 'not very prog' keyboards by Dean, a short piano concerto, shredding from Roy the 'axe-man, some fearsome vocals by Stuart and the album is going to clear any cobwebs out of your speaker cabs the first time it is played. Karl Groom is doing a superb job at the helm and his understanding of how the band want to sound is uncanny.

All is looking good for a release in the first half of 2011. Although the title of the album is still to be decided, we can let you know the working titles of the recorded songs that will be on the finished product. In no particular order, the tracks are: Battlescars, Seize the Day, Crest of a Wave, Salvation (parts 1 & 2), Bitter and Twisted, Guardian Angel, Secret Kingdoms, Reprise.

Also, a few extra tracks are being recorded which will celebrate the first 25 years of Galahad. The band are still deciding on the best way to distribute these extra tracks although they will be available around the same time as the official release next year.

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  1. Coolbeans - all sounds good!
    Don't forget there's already been a prog album (by the mighty Tull) called Crest Of A Knave.