Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Galahad and the last piece of the jigsaw.....

Yes indeed, the rumours are true! Galahad would like to confirm that Neil Pepper is our new/old bass guitarist. We are extremely pleased that Neil has rejoined the band.

He was an integral part of the Galahad set up for ten years between 1992 and 2002 and played on three of our studio albums ‘Sleepers’, ‘Following Ghosts’ and ‘Year Zero’. He is also the bass player on our first live album ‘Classic Rock Live’ as well as appearing on the Galahad Acoustic Quintet album ‘Not All There’.

He has also already made a significant contribution to the new songs that will form our next album. Therefore, even in our 25th year of existence we are very excited about the future for what we regard as the definitive Galahad line up.

As someone once said……..It’s only a matter of going!

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