Saturday, 20 June 2009

Poland Tour (part one)

After a 2am start to travel to the airport, we finally arrived in Katowice around 10.30am on Thursday 4th June. A quick checkin at the hotel and we were on our way to the 1st venue - CZERWIEC - PIEKARY SLASKIE, ANDALUZJA.
This was the opening slot for last years tour and it was a tremendous success so we were really looking forward to playing the same venue again. Sure enough, the audience didn't disappoint and it turned out to be a very lively night. Galahad are a band that enjoy to entertain and a lively audience goes a long way in bringing out the best from the guys. A set with a good mixture of old and new led to a good solid first show. Starting with the title track from the Sleepers album and including some 'golden oldies' like Room 801, Lady Messiah and Bugeye, a good portion of the award winning album Empires Never Last finished off the set.
After the gig it was back to the hotel to relax (with vodka) and meet up with the guys -and lady- from Grendel. It turned out to be a perfect match to be touring with Grendel. Their style contrasted Galahads perfectly and to top it off, within a few hours, both bands had become best of friends. This was the way it stayed throughout the tour and we are all still in regular contact with each other.

After a very late night we all hit the road to travel to OSTRÓW. We arrived to find ourselves in a wonderful, picturesque town square to check into a lovely hotel which was only a few minutes walk from the venue. Today was the first chance to relax a little before making our way to the venue for the soundcheck. Modest ticket sales didn't stop the venus from being full by the time the bands came onto the stage. Polish band Grendel, for the 2nd gig, were working without their bass player Cezary (he was due to join for the 3rd and 4th concerts) played another faultless set. Galahad again had a very good response from the audience and the wheels were fully in motion for another very successful tour. A great after show party in a local nightclub with all the guys from both bands further cemented the bond between the Polish/English tour members. Things were certainly looking good.

To be continued..........

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  1. Desde chile les envio un gran saludo y deseos de exito en su nuevo album, espero tenerlo aca en chile pronto.