Monday, 27 September 2010

How time can fly by.......

How quickly time passes us by in the land of Galahad!!

This year has shot by so quick but we've been very busy and very productive. The follow up album to Empires Never Last has been written and the drums have been tracked for all the tracks (with the exception of Battle Scars which will be recorded this Weds).

Karl Groom is, again, recording and co-producing the album. The band feel that Karl is practically a 6th member of the band as he has the expertise and understanding of knowing how Galahad want the recording to sound.

A quick run down of the events so far this year :

A performance at the Winters End Festival was followed by a trip to Quebec to headline another festival - this turned out to be an extended stay for us as the Icelandic volcano decided to erupt it's ash cloud just before the flight out from Montreal. The 25th anniversary gig was in July before recording started and a quick trip to Loreley in a gorgeous part of Germany for Europe's largest open air progressive festival.

Along with all that, Roy and Dean have been playing with a revamped/ reformed Twelfth Night for a small tour which culminated in a headline show at Loreley (Roy and Dean played both the Galahad and Twelfth Night sets on the 3rd September).

More news to come soon: a few interesting additions to possibly be included with the new album, a DVD, a new official YouTube channel, more blog updates, a revamped website, a ping account has just been set up, some nice downloads for you all... etc etc.

All our albums are now available on iTunes should you be missing any of the back catalogue.

See you soon :-D


  1. You say ALL albums available on iTunes, but there's none of the Crimes And Misdemeanours albums. I've been waiting for them to become available in digital formats. Does this mean there's no plans to release them through iTunes?