Saturday, 16 May 2009

New album at the writing stage

It's been a rainy day on the south coast of England. A week's gone by since Galahad played at Mr Kyps with Threshold and the new facebook group has expanded nicely in its first 3 days. Some photos have been uploaded to the facebook group of the Mr kyps gig (photography by Donna- Stu's sister-in-law).

Dean has been putting the finishing touches to his new studio project (After The Storm) at Lee's studio. The mixdown starts this week and some pre-release copies should be available by the time the band head to Poland in early June.

The new galahad material is taking shape quite nicely. Stu has lots of very interesting lyrics needing to be shaped into songs. Working titles at the moment for some of the tracks the band have been working on are Crest of a Wave, Bitter and Twisted, Guardian Angel and Secret World. Of course, things change, adapt, switch around and progress in such ways that these tracks could take on very different shapes over the next few months.

The band were very happy with the way Empires Never Last turned out and the direction the band took for the album was justified in terms of the awards and sales it received. The new material will, in typical Galahad fashion, 'progress forward' but just this time, they also feel that they have found the right formula and enthusiasm to strive towards bringing an even better album out. Hopefully, we might be able to offer sneak previews to our diary readers in the future so keep checking back to keep updated with the news from 'Galahad Towers'.

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